This Is It

This Is It


Valentines flowers and chocolates are languishing in the bargain bin, but I’m all consumed with the LOVE you’re lavishing upon yourself.  It’s incredible; we started working with the Transformation Plan in January, and NOW we…


Are seeing what happens after six weeks of small but mighty changes.


I’m really proud of Eva in Eureka. She has consistently been training with the videos to get her heart rate up and strengthen her core with planks. I’ve seen her movement go from average to full and juicy and her glow just beams through pictures. So proud.


Carol and Kris of New York City have been focusing on using the core and legs in their dancing. I’ve been watching their videos and all I can say is wow! The texture and depth of their movement has gotten so robust and their control to lengthen and hold movement has been staggering. They’ve also been sharing the plan with their friends so that they can feel and see the benefits too.


As for me, I’ve been kicking up my planks used in the Transformation Plan and focusing on the arms and legs when I dance. OMG, not only do I feel great but my dancing has gotten bigger and stronger!


So if you are ready to show yourself some love, don’t pull away from your good intentions. Don’t build a wall of excuses around yourself. Carve out some distraction-free time to give yourself the gift of movement.


Continue this month by allowing yourself to savor the moments. Live more and treat yourself with kindness. Because…this is it. This is the only life you get.


Here’s to loving yourself and your life,



P.S. Invite someone to bellydance with you, whether in a class or at home. Go make some memories. 

P.P.S. Don’t forget that you’re beautiful.

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