How are you standing out?

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Question…Are you truly bringing in BIG energy to inspire your current students and have new students coming in?

If you want big things to change, you’ve got to bring big action!

Here are 3 truth smacks you should focus on right away:

Truth Smack #1: Focus on one thing you do really, really well.

What is one thing about you that makes you stand out as an instructor?

For me it’s the ability to cater to ALL levels through effective breakdown and prove to people that they “CAN” do it.

For example… I don’t focus on just simple movement, I focus on starting simple then building up methodically while adding motivation and positive reinforcement.

I’ve made these concepts the foundation of everything I teach. I teach it in detail in SharQui instructor training, and I’ve even written books about it.

So what’s that one thing that sets you apart and makes you unique so that you can start to be recognized for right away?

Truth Smack #2: Claim your expert status.

Folks, you gotta claim this once and for all. Students need you to be their trusted leader to guide them with support. Don’t let them fall through the cracks.

Show up and be the expert they need and when they see you in this way, your attraction factor will shoot through the roof.

Truth Smack #3: You need consistent branding.

How you show up matters. Show up with consistent branding and images like SharQui apparel, your own apparel, business cards, marketing materials, etc. This is something that made a huge difference in my teaching business.

Look, you didn’t become a SharQui instructor, a fitness or dance instructor to be mediocre, sell a few class cards and not work with the people you’re truly meant to serve…right?!

It’s time to kick some ass so that you show up in an even bigger way and bring a new level of energy into your teaching biz. It’s the only way to see BIGGER things happen.

You’ve got this!


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Oreet wears a blue shirt and smiles at the camera. Text reads: "For instructors. How are you standing out?".
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