Teaching SharQui – overcoming obstacles [part 1]

Teaching takes practice.  It’s a great challenge as well as a big responsibility.  Look, I totally understand the fears, and you need to know that what you’re feeling is what everybody feels starting out.  So when that little voice of self-doubt pops up…for goodness sake, ignore it!

As a mentor, the 3 concerns I hear instructors ask me are: 

Am I fit enough or do I look fit enough?

What if I forget a move?

And, why can’t I be good now!

Part 1 will start with, “Am I fit or look fit enough?”  Look, If you don’t feel you’re physically fit enough, you’re 100% wrong!  You will be starting with BRAND NEW students who YOU will grow with – physically. Besides, any move, whether slow, flat-footed, or turn-free, can be just as intense as a move that’s fast, on the toes and with turns! And if there’s an advanced mover that shows up, show an enhanced version 1 or 2 times and then go back to the original version and stay with that. 

So don’t fret. It’s pretty simple.

Also consider that teaching and talking is a skill that will increase your own stamina – and fast! Then wondering if you are fit enough will be a concern of the past.

Now, if you feel like you don’t look fit enough, I’ve got a truth smack for you… people are going to connect with you if you look like them. They’re thinking, “Wow, they look like me, and they can do it”.  It’s encouraging. In fact, you would be doing yourself a disservice to the community if you didn’t teach. People need you. 

So, get crackalackin on teaching!   And I promise, you are fit and look fit enough.



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