What Does Success Look Like?

Before becoming a full-time dance and fitness educator, I was a dedicated dancer, training 5 days a week. There was no question that I wanted to dance professionally, but when I finally graduated college and made the transition into the professional world, I slowly crumbled. Mentally, physically and emotionally.  

As I worked through my own identity crisis, my curiosity began to grow. How did other dancers work through rejection? How did they balance the truth of typecasting and body type with their artistry and self-worth?   

I wanted to feel joy again.  I felt a deep responsibility to create a safe, non-judgmental space for people to come as they are. 

And as you know, that was the inception of SharQui.  

Now, after 25 years of being in business, I have my fair share of stories (as you know), and gradually developed my expertise of teaching and business.  But regardless of the ups and downs in both my dance and business career, there continue to be consistent truth smacks that inevitably emerge: 

Truth Smack #1:  Love The Process, Not The Result –  Simple to say, yet not always easy to do. It’s easy to get caught up in not getting that damn cue, or having a packed class because our culture prompts us to focus on the result. Guys, it’s more than just being an amazing instructor or getting the most students. It’s about loving the art of teaching.

Truth Smack #2:  Know Your Worth –  Having 1 person show up or screw up on a combo is unavoidable, but they don’t have to destroy or distract you. If you root your mindset in growth, curiosity, and possibility, the “not good enough” won’t steal your love of teaching. 

Truth Smack #3:  Support Your Community –  Nobody achieves success alone. How you show up for others can be the defining component of your future opportunities. The teachers that have full schedules and classes are the ones who consistently show up (this includes subbing!) They show up with a positive attitude and grateful spirit and give without expectation.  Boom!

Truth Smack #4:  Practice Connection –  It’s knowing your WHY. Why are you on this path? Why do you create certain projects? Why do you choose to show up in particular communities?  When you go back to your WHY, low attendance and other struggles and obstacles won’t feel as personal.  Your WHY helps you to see and believe the bigger picture. 


Now go and BE and FEEL even more amazing because success is already on your side.

Success looks fab on you my friend,


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