Why do the Instructor Challenges…

 … if you don’t feel ready for SharQuí 2?

⭐️ The Mentorship:  Feedback is going to make you a better teacher. That’s what we’re about. We’d love it if you wanted to apply for SharQuí 2, but we care more about having the strongest version of you right where you are. The feedback will help do that!

⭐️  It’s About Progress:  Development is not a linear line. Showing up consistently (a practical each quarter) brings momentum to your growth, and gives us the ability to see you in different scenarios, that’s more opportunity to strengthen you.

⭐️  It’s Included:  This feedback is included in your Crew membership so why not use it to improve?  Fun fact: We won’t “make” you take SharQuí 2 just by doing this challenge. We simply want you to feel like a better teacher!

⭐️  You Have Nothing To Lose:  No one has said they feel ready for SharQuí 2 and yet we have people submitting their challenges, so why not be one of them?  Besides, everyone can improve on SOME THING.  Am I right?

⭐️  Continue The Legacy:  Sorry not sorry- first-generation teachers may want to retire one day!!  There will be opportunities for the next generation of Master Instructors!!! The first generation is laying the groundwork for the next generation, but it’s the next generation who will build upon it!

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