Good Vibes

Let’s face it… for students, some days can be more difficult than others. Sometimes your students may focus much more on what they couldn’t do than celebrating what they did do. As teachers, we can hopefully prevent negative self-talk or even snap them out of it with these wonderful words of praise. Here are 20 that I have used in the past:

  1. Your undulation is so gorgeous.
  2. I love watching your dynamics as you go across the floor.
  3. Your smile lights up the studio (zoom).
  4. Your energy is so infectious—it makes everyone else want to dance their hearts out!
  5. I’m glad that I get to see you every week.
  6. If I ever have a brain fart, you’re the one I look to for clarification. 
  7. You catch the little details in the choreo and make them stand out.
  8. Your dancing is so beautiful, even if you don’t always feel like it is.
  9. I love how your personality shines through in your movement!
  10. You are so focused during class that you inspire your classmates.
  11. I love how you are invested in your learning and cross-train with several teachers. 
  12. I’m glad that you ask questions and clarify the choreo. It helps everyone.
  13. I admire how you aren’t afraid to push yourself and make mistakes.
  14. Your lines always look miles long.
  15. You take the choreo in such unique directions that it makes everyone want to watch you.
  16. I notice that you’re the first to help someone who needs it, and I appreciate that.
  17. It always makes me smile when I hear or see you cheering for your classmates.
  18. Watching you inspires me to keep working hard so that I can give you a valuable class. 
  19. I can see how much you love to dance when I watch you.
  20. You make me a better teacher!

Here’s to sharing good vibes my friends!

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