Hey, YOU!

Hey there!

Question for you…

Do you like it when other pro instructors come to your classes, or do you feel threatened that they might steal your routine or class outline?

Look, I can only speak for myself, but I’ve never had a bad experience with pro instructors coming to my classes.  

In fact, I welcome it!  

And what I really love is when pro instructors introduce themselves at the beginning of class and ask if I even mind if they join. (I don’t mind ever!)  

But on the flip side, I’ve also had instructors not introduce themselves, hide behind pillars, take notes, sometimes film portions of my class, or even record by using voice memos on their phones so that they can practice my cueing and verbiage. 

In the beginning, I used to give a sh*t, but I don’t anymore.  I take it as a compliment now.  

In fact, I use it as an opportunity to speak to them after class about the SharQui Instructor Academy.  It’s funny when I do this because then they feel “caught”, but the fact that I don’t get upset and act professionally helps me possibly gain a new student or even a new mentee for my academy. Staying calm and friendly really goes a long way (at least for me).  

So, my feelings about all this? Even if non-SharQui certified instructors teach a class the way I did it, and with the same moves and cues – the end product would still be different.  

Want to know why?

Because there is only one ME.  

That means there is only one YOU!

See…people buy people. Students don’t come to your classes just for the class.  

They come for YOU.  They come for the experience that YOU give them.  They come for how YOU make them feel.

So, my suggestion…

The next time an instructor comes to your class and introduces themselves… welcome them and give them a kick-ass class and the amazing YOU.

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