Must Read! How To Get An Accredited Belly Dance Certification

Are You A Fitness Or Belly Dance Professional? Do You Want To Learn How To Become A SharQui® Instructor? You can see our pricing & registration information.

Below, you’ll find questions we’re frequently asked.


What differs a SharQui class from a bellydance for fitness class?

  1. A SharQui class never stops moving.  Think of it as a traditional hi/low impact aerobics class but with bellydance movements.  This ensures a class that is not only safe but a structured workout that’s fun!
  2. In a SharQui class the movement is broken down and then built up methodically, rather than the student mimicing the instructor and expected to figure it out on their own.
  3. A SharQui class is able to offer both the fitness component of a cardio workout while still being able to teach authentic bellydance.


Is there a demand for SharQui Instructors?

Absolutely! SharQui is recognized across the United States and abroad. We are located in over 10 U.S. cities and we are continually growing.  Since SharQui is accreditted by both AFAA and ACE fitness associations, SharQui is the right choice for fitness facilities.


How do I become a SharQui Instructor?

The first step is to fill out the registration form and agree to the terms of the ONLINE SharQui Instructor Training Agreement.  Once your regsitration is recieved, you will have access to the study tools and downloadable materials.


Do I need to study the materials before the 4-week course begins?

No, it is not required (but may be helpful) as the course is paced giving you 2 modules per week.  What will be helpful is that you set aside time to study and practice during the course.


What are the requirements of the practical exam?  Can I “fail” the exam?

You will need to prepare THREE blocks (or sequences) of 2 or 3 movements on video.  You will be NOT be assessed on how challenging or basic the movements are but on how you demonstrate breakdown, communication, cueing and flow.  Yes it is possible to fail the exam.  You will have 30 days to re-submit your exam video.


Do I need to be group fitness certified to become a SharQui Instructor?

No you do not.  Fitness facilities may require that you get your group fitness certification in order to teach at their facility due to liability issues.  Here is the information you need for AFAA and ACE group fitness certification.


Does the ONLINE SharQui Instructor Training provide ACE and/or AFAA CEC’s for those instructors who are already group fitness certified?

YES!  We offer 7 AFAA cecs and 0.7 ACE cecs.


Is there a written exam as well?  

There are quizzes in the first six modules that you will need to finish before graduating to the next module.


How long is a SharQui Certification valid for?

A SharQui Certification is valid for one (1) year.


Will I be considered certified after passing the online training course?

Not yet!  Once passing the online training course you must enroll in the SharQui CREW to be considered officially certified.  Once you enroll within 30 days of passing the online training course, a certificate will be emailed to you and you will be considered certified.  Click here for all the fabulous support you will receive.


How do I start teaching SharQui – The bellydance workout classes?

After enrolling in CREW you will receive your SharQui Instructor Certificate. You will have the rights to use the SharQui logo and name in your class titles. As an independent contractor you negotiate and set up your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc. with the facilities you choose to work with.  In order to be officially recognized as a SharQui Instructor and begin teaching, you MUST subscribe to CREW within 30 days of completion of the instructor training.  The SharQui CREW is an instructor monthly subscription where pre-choreographed classes will be provided to you quarterly, affordable music, webinars, discounts on SharQui products, forums, and much more.  Click here for more info.


My facility wants to host a SharQui Instructor Training, how do I do this?

If you know of a facility that might be interested in hosting SharQui Instructor Training, ask the potential host to send us an email using our contact form, or email Oreet directly at oreet@sharqui.com.

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