Oreet, SharQui Founder

Hey there - I'm Oreet!

I’m the creator and founder of SharQuí, The Bellydance Workout®. But I’m not a fitness instructor that sells weight loss as the main outcome of my program – I sell beauty. Specifically, your beauty. 

How? I help people reach their fitness goals through the beauty and spirit of bellydance, and the power and strength of fitness. Students who start SharQuí that think they can’t dance quickly discover: yes they can!

And honestly? They do it themselvesI just show them the way.

A little about me...

I have over 20 years of experience in fitness and dance, and grew up with Yemeni folk and Oriental dance. I have a degree in Contemporary Dance from SUNY College at Brockport. I’ve been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN, among other outlets. Some of my bellydance awards are: Bellydancer of the Year, and Middle Eastern Dance Champion of North America. I’ve led packed classes worldwide and have worked with thousands of men and women to realize their fitness potential. I also have my own fitness and dance video library at SharQuiTV.com!

Some other tidbits: I love spending time with my husband and kids, having a glass of wine (if you have a husband and kids, you’ll understand…) and bingeing wedding shows and dog videos. And dancing, of course – SharQuí isn’t just my profession; it keeps me sane!

Are you ready to shake it?

The best praise I’ve ever gotten from a client:

“You and SharQuí brought me out of my shell and expanded and heightened an awareness of my female power and strength. I felt more in touch with my body and learned about movement and parts of my body I was not even aware of.” – S. Owens 

Wow! Helping people like this makes me feel so proud, and drives everything I do. And I would love to help you! So, are you ready to reach your fitness goals while having fun? Then come and Shake Your Beauty with me!

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