Music Editing in Audacity with Hakan [On-Demand Workshop]


Every performer should be able to take a musical track and bend it to their will. This technical workshop will focus on the free audio editing application, Audacity. Here’s what you will lean how to:

  • install, update and launch the application
  • cut music
  • fade in and out
  • slice tracks together
  • add voice overs
  • apply effects
  • take multiple songs and mix them into a single track while matching the beat and tempo
  • create a multi-song performance or class playlist

You will be shown the wonders of the label track and how Audacity can be a game changer as both a performer and teacher.


About your instructor:

Hakan is a Pittsburgh based Belly Dancer and has been performing for over 10 years. He has traveled the country, performing from coast to coast. Hakan is a member of the Pittsburgh Velvet Hearts, and a long time member of Maria Hamer’s student troupes. And every time he has performed to prerecorded music, he has prepared it with Audacity.

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