SharQui Music Collection 1 – Al Hafa


This is the fifth new single in SharQui’s completely new Music Collection, Al Hafa, is a workout track inspired and co-created by master SharQui Instructor, Marisa Guastella, created for your dance classes and workouts.

Marisa says, “Making music for SharQuí was a meeting of all my passions. Before I danced, I was a musician. “Losing control” and to be dancing to the music instead of making it, was a metaphorical lesson in my personal development in life, that was “The Edge” of my comfort zone. Who would have thought I could make the music I dance to? Perhaps I’ve now reached a different metaphorical stage of life! Inspired by my love of the guitar, the “perfect riff,” and arranging progression, it all comes together in Al Hafa!”

Listen to it here

Did you know our music is royalty-free? As dance and fitness instructors ourselves, we know how frustrating and complex commercial use music licensing can be. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use this music, while also making sure we get credit for the effort that went into creating it. Head over here to read about to learn about our Royalty Free License Policy. 


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