Genie in a Bottle

How many times do you have to glare at this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue before you finally realize that a) bathing-suit season is just around the corner, and b) those abs of yours look more like a keg than a six-pack? Get thee to a SharQui class, a belly dancing workout created by fitness instructor Oreet to tone your flabby bits in a unique way. The class—offered at gyms throughout the city, including Synergy and the New York Health & Racquet Club—involves a lot of shimmying and jutting out of the hips, and before you can say “open sesame,” your thighs and abs will be tighter than the lid on a magic lamp. Ideal for women of all fitness levels, this exotic exercise rubs us the right way. SharQui; see www.sharqui.com for class times, locations, and fees, or to arrange for a private lesson.

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