A Unique Experience

What’s a SharQuí Party? Simple: SharQuí Parties are a fun way to bring our shimmy to you! Hosting a SharQuí Party is a fabulous way to share our one-of-a-kind experience with your family and friends in a venue you choose. 

A Certified SharQuí instructor will come to you and present a special SharQui experience that you can’t get in a regular class. It’ll excite your senses and open up a whole new world to you and your guests. The best part: it’s a workout and a show! Your guests will love watching the performance whether they decide to Shake Their Beauty or not. Contact us to reserve your SharQuí Party today! 

Engage Your Senses

SharQuí Five Senses parties are sophisticated affairs broken down into segments designed to engage each of your senses. This 60 minute party is intended to be a relaxing, mind-expanding experience.

Your Certified SharQuí instructor will begin the party with a solo performance for Sight. Smell will have your guests join in a circle to pass incense and explore their intentions for the party. Touch/Feeling teaches your guests a variety of moves that will let them truly inhabit their body. Sound uses ankle bells to create music through dance. Taste concludes the party by letting your guests reflect on their experience while sipping delicious tea.

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