Bellydance Club Mix Vol.6 – MP3


Shimmy, Shake & Burn with this Dance Club mix of Arabian and Latin beats for only $25.00.  If you like Club Beats then this volume is for you. Shake your Beauty now! Great for all types of aerobic and dance/fitness classes.

Sample it here


Track List

1:  Le Egypte

2:  Spice it Up

3:  Queen Cleopatra

4:  Camel Ride

5:  Prince Ali

6:  Conga

7:  Turkish Twist

8:  Island Sound

9:  Magic Carpet

10: Shimmy your Hips


Did you know our music is royalty-free? As dance and fitness instructors ourselves, we know how frustrating, complex, and expensive commercial use music licensing can be. That’s why we have we have made our albums affordable! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use this music, while also making sure we get credit for the effort that went into creating it. Head over here to read about to learn about our Royalty Free License Policy. 


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