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We all know that music licensing is a major concern for dance teachers. We already had (concerns) about using music in class and on social media, and now teaching online has definitely exacerbated the situation.

As SharQui instructors, we always need more music. My goal is co-create that’s not only great for SharQui classes, but can stand on their own as songs for bellydance. 

Now here’s where you come in.  If you would like to help out and get something really cool in return, you can contribute only $75 and we’ll contribute the rest.  You choose the melody line for us to sample and we will name the song after you or title of your choice and out your picture on the product.

For example, let’s say you love the song “Alf Leila Wa Leila”. You send $75 and in two months SharQui will release your song. You will get a 4-5 minute song that can be used for both class and performance.  Remember, this is royalty-free music, so you can use it for all your projects as well as edit to suit your needs (Royalty Free Music Policy).

What you need to do:

  1. Purchase here
  2. Send us a song or style that you’d like us to sample to oreet@sharqui.com 
  3. You listen to the sample for revisions
  4. Send photos for cover
  5. Wait 6-8 weeks
  6. Use music!
Commission pricing

Full $50, Partial $25

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