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Back by popular demand, this popular soundtrack is from the SharQui Fundamentals Instructional DVD.  This remix version is has a traditional drum flavor with faster beats per minute and added club beats.  This remix is sure to get the bellydancer out of the student!  Only $25

Sample it here


Track List

1:  Tick Tock Tek

2:  Baladi Bounce

3:  Cool Khaleeji

4:  My Malfoof

5:  Flying Fellahi

6:  Dancy Doum

7:  Masmoudi Madness

8:  Smooth Scott


Did you know our music is royalty-free? As dance and fitness instructors ourselves, we know how frustrating, complex, and expensive commercial use music licensing can be. That’s why we have we have made our albums affordable! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use this music, while also making sure we get credit for the effort that went into creating it. Head over here to read about to learn about our Royalty Free License Policy. 


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