“I wanted a workout where I knew I’d be firmly planted on the ground with both feet with my belly shaking around a bit. I’ve been going for about 2-3 months now, and since I’ve been taking it I fnd that I feel really good physically and keeps my muscles working well.”                – Jennie  Read more





“As I reach my ‘senior’ years, it becomes more and more important to stay “young” and in shape. SharQui has helped with my bone density in my lower spin.” – Joanne  Read more









“The workout is fun and easy to follow. I can totally  feel my abs working.  I’m hooked!” – Sandra  Read more







“The SharQuí has really been just about the best thing that’s happened to me in my ‘quest’ to get my mobility back. It’s so focused on building strength and stamina. I love SharQui for giving me back my confidence and hope and that I can make my body my own. I feel alive again.” – Rachel  Read more




“SharQui keeps my heart rate up and oxygen is delivered to every cell in my body.  After approximately 15-20 minutes, the serotonin kicks in and I am high! High on belly dancing!” – Shakila  Read more


“SharQuí – The bellydance workout is invigorating, stimulating and a real workout! -S. Gheih 


“SharQuí is a self-empowering experience; particularly for women who more often than not judge themselves or are judged by others solely on body image.” -Student 


“SharQuí is great fun! The workout is kinesthetically easy to grow with. Practicing has improved the flexibility of my hip muscles, strengthened my thigh muscles and ALWAYS reduces stress and increases my appreciation for my body!  Oreet is an incredibly supportive and careful teacher.”  -B. Pomerance    


“It’s liberating!  In our society that too often defines a woman in terms of chronology and physical appearance, The bellydance workout is a safe refuge where we are free to discover and celebrate the beauty of the female body…..in all its forms!”  F. Maistee 


“In the SharQuí class, you dance away your inhibitions, your worries and your belly! I absolutely love the workout. It’s so much fun and it works your mind  and your body (keeping all parts moving to a rhythm all at once).  And what great music – it stays with me all week!”  – Student    


“SharQuí has brought me to whole new level of awareness of my body, of the different angles, alignment and movement that make me feel so sexy. And because it’s a bellydance ‘workout’ I have begun to see my muscles toned and defined! In my class everyone is at varying levels, but what we all have in common is the spirit, the energy, the interest, and the excitement we feel for this beautiful art form. I have seen traditional bellydance performances, and whereas those movements are sensual and slower, SharQuí gives the traditional form a bit of an American twist.”  -D. Levy


“I started doing SharQuí with Oreet after a very painful break up. It helped me enormously to get in touch deeply with who I am, and to gain consciousness about how much being a woman is part of my mode of living. In the past I used to think that it is the relationship with a man that gives you such consciousness, with Oreet I’ve learned to enjoy being a woman for myself, just because being a woman deserves celebration!”  – I. Visiers 


“I tell all my friends that SharQui is the most fun workout I’ve ever done! Half of the time I forget that I’m getting a cardio workout, toning muscles other fitness classes miss and learning how to pick up choreography. Best of all, SharQui has helped me realize that what fashion magazines call my “problem areas” (rounded thighs, tummy and rear) are not problems at all, but the very qualities that make me and every woman beautiful!”   – P. Lloyd 


“Oreet’s class offers me a fitness routine where my mind and body are challenged and I’m having a great time all at once.  With my very first class I was hooked!  It is such fun, beautiful music and a place where, as a woman I feel empowered in my body – every class.  I haven’t found that in any other fitness or dance class, most other classes are about ultimately fitting into a commercially accepted body type.  Oreet’s bellydance workout gives me a place where I don’t feel bad for not being a size 2.  Every body type can bellydance and feel beautiful, in fact having curves are a plus in this class.  I love to dance and work out, and Oreet offers me a challenging fitness art-form combined with solid dance technique. Oreet really cares about her students’ progress.  She pays attention to each participant, giving constructive feedback, and that really keeps me coming back.”  -A. Mattos 


“SharQuí is an excellent fusion of exercise and dance that combines the sensuousness of bellydance, with exotic music and strengthening and toning exercises.  Plus the teacher’s emphasis on precision and enjoyment is pitch perfect. There is never a dull moment with this workout.”  -F. Raimond 


“Oreet breaks everything down so simple that now I understand how I’m moving instead of just copying what I’ve been shown.”  -Monika


“I have taken about 9-10 belly dancing classes off and on in different studios around NYC, but I have never gotten as much personal attention as I did with Oreet.  The way she breaks the movement down is amazing.”  -Yelena


“I began taking belly dance classes utilizing the SharQuí method three years ago have developed more poise and grace while getting the technique and strength that I need.”  -Neeti


SharQuí is not only a fabulous workout but it’s so empowering! It built my self-confidence and strengthened my bad knees. -G.T.


Amazing! It’s nice to finally focus on yourself rather than the TV when you’re on the treadmill. You forget you’re working out! -L.S.


SharQuí completely cured me from sciatica! It gave me a positive self image and changed my body completely. -E.K.







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