What does Shake your Beauty mean to you?

What does Shake your Beauty mean to you?


One weekend I was alone without my husband and kids, enjoying my morning coffee (this was a rare occasion for me and I enjoyed every friggin minute!) Being in a quiet home got me thinking about my biz, SharQui. What the heck does Shake your Beauty™ even mean?


Is it about acceptance? Or showing off what your body can do? Is it about physical power? Or is it some dumb-ass, kitschy term I thought would work for my biz?


So when looking back over that weekend along with my own thoughts of my own issues of body image (you can read about it here), I now have new insights into what Shake your Beauty actually is for me:


Shake your Beauty is power. For me beauty comes from within. If I’m happy, I feel beautiful. If something or someone makes me smile, then it’s beautiful to me. The power part of it is its ability to create in the moment – to turn my mood into a better one, or to turn my frown to a smile. That’s the power of beauty – how it makes you feel in the moment.


Shake your Beauty is a practice of self-love. Dancing and smiling is one of the greatest acts we can do to express love for ourselves. Realizing this shifted my view of exercising and practicing dramatically. It went from something I have to “carve out time” for to a gift I can give myself. This small change in perspective changed everything for me and will for you to.


Shake your Beauty is empowerment. This is about knowing how truly amazing you are, being unapologetic about it and not playing small. Own it, and unleash your feminine power dammit!


Look, beauty is different for every person so you first need to define what beauty is to you. But I can say that I don’t always have to be bellydancing in order to “Shake my Beauty”. All I need to do is to be present.


The Shake your Beauty philosophy is as powerful out of the class as it is in the class.


Now it’s your turn.  I would love to hear your thoughts of what Shake your Beauty means to you.  Ready…go!


Shake it yo!


3 thoughts on “What does Shake your Beauty mean to you?”

  1. Yes, to everything you said! I experience physical mastery of my body as feeling empowered and energized. I smile more, complement other more, and tend to focus on the positive. It’s a great feeling and contagious!

  2. Areta Mayfield

    It’s amazing how only two words can be so powerful a deep of meaning!
    SHAKE YOUR BEAUTY yes! there are many ways to do it as many as we are because we all are different and we all shine of a diverse BEAUTY.
    Some have beautiful eyes,a smile,hair,color skin or hands or more as life skills,personality,the way we communicate with others ..and more.
    Some people are shy and they feel that they are not beautiful enough because they compare their self with others or more with a stereotype that the media scream daily on our face.
    Other ones they feel comfortable the way they are and the have a free easy way to shine and Shake their beauty.
    Here what i like most and i believe it’s true..
    DANCE helps a lot on build and strength the unique personality of all in order to show the Beauty inside every body and communicate to others.
    With the dance we discover our body and the many ways we can use it to interpretate different music styles..this process create acceptance ,love for our self and so..self esteme .
    SHAKE YOUR BEAUTY it’s POWER to COMMUNICATE and DANCE EMPOWER This great opportunity to show who we are inside because we are all Beautiful in our diversity!

  3. Snake your beauty to me means not looking in the mirror and hating what you see, it means accepting yourself and others for what they are and what you know they can be. It means smiling when you feel sad. It means getting up and getting moving because you know you’ll feel a million times better when you do. It means life is too short not to enjoy it. So get moving and get shaking! Thank you Oreet for giving us you. For telling us we can do it and meaning it.

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