Holy Shift

Holy Shift

I’m not going to lie…

One of the most emotionally challenging mindset shifts I’ve had to make personally in my biz is stepping into a CEO role. And to top it off, I didn’t have any mentors to help me navigate this wild journey (although now I have some kick ass coaches, finally). 

It’s been one hell of a ride.

Yet these past few months I’ve really been struggling with alertness and energy levels and all this has taken such a toll on me.

So I’m FINALLY on my yearly, family vacation with hubby and kiddos. I could finally sit down, breath, and take in the fresh air and beautiful scenery.  When I friggin finally was able to get a full night (and restful) sleep on my vacay…it got me thinking.

Self-care was not on my list. And as a result, I was giving myself INFLAMMATION!

Now I’m sure nearly everyone is inflamed due to stress, crappy food, drink, lack of sleep, dehydration, busting ass all day long, fatigued etc. But I realized that with just a few days of relaxation, I started to feel better and was thinking clearly as things simply started working together.

So if you are experiencing the same, here are 5 mindset shifts that I realized I must have in place. These aren’t “sexy” and you’ve heard them all before, but it damn sure works.


Shift #1: Drink 8-12 glasses water per day. I know, I know…you hear this all the time. Well guess what…it’s the truth! If you’re not doing this, everything else won’t work. For me, the only way I can get at least 8 glasses of fluid is with coconut water.


Shift #2: You have to decompress! What the heck is decompression anyway? It’s space to allow your mind to wind down and recover. Try some silence, meditation or just walking outside without tech or noise. Personally, I love watching mindless TV to decompress. Wedding dress shows are my go to programs!


Shift #3: Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night. I know it’s tough but “f” it. Just do it! Yes you can survive on less, but less sleep is perceived as stress and your body will try to compensate for the fatigue by releasing adrenaline to keep going and BAM, you’re getting adrenal fatigue and will feel wiped out. Then you need caffeine and sugar to “pick you up”. Sound familiar? Well that leads to of course, more inflammation. It’s a vicious cycle.


Shift #4.  Move your body! You wouldn’t leave the ferrari in the driveway, right? Well same goes for your body. But wait! What about busting some ass in the gym when you realized you haven’t been moving? Guess what we’re elevating? More goddamn inflammation! Then we wonder why we feel more fatigued, wiped out like we need sleep to recover after the workout. Yes, we raised inflammation too much and the outcome is burn out. Another vicious cycle. So try a routine that is fun and that you can stick to at least 3x per week. SharQui anyone? (wink, wink)


Shift #5. Fuel your body right. Eat foods from an animal or a plant and cut the packet and processed crap. Simple as that.


Be good to yourself beautiful,


4 thoughts on “Holy Shift”

  1. So very true. We all need to step back once in a while, give our heads a shake, and get back to looking after ourselves. As women, we’re so programmed to look after everyone else first, we don’t stop to help ourselves most of the time. Thanks for the reminder and hope you are feeling better now.

  2. Why can’t we just do it?????
    I did the 21 day challenge, more water, more sleep, exercise 3x a week, and guess what??? It worked!!!
    You are so right. It’s so easy to get on the hamster wheel of life and the first one to suffer it’s us.

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