I want to share a story with you. It was a response to a bellydance documentary I was interviewed on over 10 years ago. This documentary had multiple interviews of bellydance teachers and choreographers from the East coast, West coast, and in between, talking about the rise of bellydance in America. Well apparently the producers liked what I had to say as I was highlighted a little more than the others as I talked about the history of bellydance, how I fused both bellydance and fitness, along with a clip of me teaching a SharQui class. 


So here’s what happened…

Since Facebook wasn’t around over 10 years ago, the way people communicated was through forums. A person posted my response from this documentary on a popular forum and asked others their thoughts…and then, WHAM!


I got ridiculed and laughed at right and left with a couple of smacks here and there! Comments like “how dare I say such false information”, to my name being fake and weird (which by the way, is my given middle-eastern, Hebrew name), to “I would never take classes with her”, to “she’s not authentic because she’s adding fitness, to…you get my drift.


There were about 4 pages of strangers insulting me and accusing me – while knowing absolutely nothing about me.


Were their responses
 100% inappropriate? Yup!

100% out of line? Uh huh!

Did I cry? Yes, for a month.

Did it stop me? Hell no! (cue This Is Me, from The Greatest Showman soundtrack). 


Why am I sharing this with you?

To help you see the friggin power of your mind and how it’s crucial in your success with everything you do.


If something like this ever happens to you, DON’T go down a rabbit hole of sh*t, I upset people, should I have said that? Did I do something wrong?


No one gets to decide what’s right for you.

YOU decide.


Will you make mistakes? Sure!


But it’s YOUR choices. And you deserve to be treated with respect even if someone has a different opinion than yours.


You’re not here to dim your light so you don’t ruffle feathers. You’re here to SHINE baby!


Just know that people adore you and appreciate you for everything you have to offer.


So the truth smack for today is…

Show Up and do YOU! (and a SharQui class, wink wink)




9 thoughts on “Do YOU”

  1. Such a pity that people are 1. uneducated, 2. intimidated, 3. immature, 4. quick to judge 5. jealous 6. rude 7. willing to be hateful/hostile under the veil of being unanimous… (pick one or all) and it continues thru today… you have to feel sorry for them, they are so full of hate it must eat up their life. You are a beautiful dancer, sharing when you instruct, glad you didn’t quit (and yes – I’m jealous, I love your style!!!!)

  2. We love you!! This too has happened to me many a time… apparently I’m not even Palestinian lol! People are sooo rude when they are “under their anonymous veil of the internet” in person they would never have the guts to do anything we do on a daily basis! Dance warriors, loving humans, educated, gifted in bringing people together of all shapes, lives, colors and sizes! WE ARE LUCKY! Love you Oreet and I’m so glad your sharing this with us all. Let peace be in your heart about this event 10 years ago because no hate can bring your strong self down.

  3. I was at a Belly Dance show less than 10 years ago in Westbury .One of the dancers told my student there was never any belly dancing on Long Island . There were enough of us professional dancers in the 70s & 80s that lived on Long Island . It was very popular here then in restaurants . I do not think she was born yet ! Lenora

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